Burnt truck on the hillside

So sorry we haven’t posted in so long!  We’re going to try to change that but here is a video from yesterday on the road.  The driver said something about his engine over heating, possibly because of a fan malfunctioning.

Tire fire & burned trailer

Here’s a few photos of a burned trailer Jack took some years ago.  He came across it north of Coldfoot.  He’s not sure how the tires caught fire, but somehow they did.  It could’ve been that the driver got a couple of flat tires and kept driving, or that the brakes locked up.  He suspects the brakes did not release for some reason.  There’s more explanation on the captions, click on the first one and scroll to the right to see them all.

Current interior Alaska wildfires

In case anyone is interested, here is an image showing how many wildfires are burning in interior and south central Alaska.  The two down by Anchorage are wreaking havoc and there are a bunch around Delta.  Here is the website where you can get up to date info about this:  http://smoke.arsc.edu/current_fires.html

Wildfires in Alaska as of June 19 2015


Engine on fire

A few years ago a truck engine spontaneously caught fire.  It was an electrical issue with the truck.  It had popped a breaker and when the breaker was flipped back, the fire started.  That’s what is thought to have happened.  In the photos you can only see smoke, and the Fairbanks Fire Department working to put it out.  We can imagine it was some seriously toxic smoke, as it is anytime a vehicle catches fire.  The Carlile employees including Jack moved the vehicles that were next to it immediately but couldn’t do anything about the fire.

(For those of you lucky souls who don’t have to deal with the cold temperatures, trucks and all vehicles are plugged in before driving to heat up the oil and anti-freeze.)

Click a photo to see it full size, then scroll through.

More Dalton Highway Wildfire Photos

Truck Driving through Wildfire Smoke - Dalton Highway, Alaska 2004

In the last post I described the terrible forest fires of 2004.

Here are more photos that Jack took that year.  Don’t forget you have to click on them to see them at their proper size.


Smoke on the Dalton HighwayFire spreading across the tundra

Fire on the Dalton Highway

Forest Fire in the Distance

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!