End of Summer For Us

Hi all!  Here is a photo of Jack’s latest project:

Jack and his wood pile

He’s been working on that pile for a few weeks.  They still need to be split but he’s made good progress.

Jack says he enjoys cutting wood a lot more than the project he had to tackle back in May:

Cutting Sport's furCutting Sport’s hair.  He tried the trimmers but they didn’t work so we whipped out the scissors.

Poor Sport, I know.  He was miserable.  But the next day he ran around like the world had just been lifted off his shoulders.  And later, when we had 90 degrees, though he had surely forgotten about the heavy coat he had in winter, he still seemed grateful.  🙂

Summer was sensational!  80 and even 90 degree weather.  It was heavenly.

Hope you all had a terrific summer!

The Shed Saga

Jack is happy to report that he has finished at least one project so far this summer (actually it’s autumn now in Fairbanks).

He fixed the roof on the shed and shingled it.  (I’m telling you, Jack can do anything!)

Here is a photo of him in the middle of the project:

This shed has a bit of a story.

When we first moved into our house, we had to move it since we wanted to build a garage and it was in the way.  Jack tackled the job himself.

This is him putting the shed on the trailer, getting it ready to be moved:

We realize this is probably the equivalent of drinking while using power tools.  Kids, take note, do NOT drink alcohol while moving a shed!  🙂

The next day, with the shed on the trailer, Jack just barely gives it a little gas to see how sturdy it is.  It was just fine.

This is where it ended up.

(If you want to see a few seconds of this heavy haul project in progress, click here.)

The 4-wheeler is holding it in place.

He had to prop it up on blocks until he could give it a more stable foundation…!!!

Here is the “more stable” foundation when the project was mostly done.

This is not where the shed finally ended up, though he didn’t do the moving this time.  It’s present and permanent spot you can see on the first photo.  We will finish siding it at the same time we side the garage that has yet to be built.

Hope everyone is doing well!  Thanks for reading.  🙂