About the Jack Jessee Blog

Jack Jessee has been on 3 seasons of Ice Road Truckers.  He drives the Dalton Highway year round.  Rain or shine, snow or sun, or all 4 at once.  This blog is about the various loads he hauls, the things he sees, and anything else that might be interesting.  Written by Jack Jessee’s wife, Judy.

Here are some photos of Jack, Judy & other people you might recognize.  Click on the first one and scroll to the right to see the captions.



261 comments on “About the Jack Jessee Blog

  1. Susan says:

    This Thank You, is for Judy Lawson, Thank You so much for the link, of Hindies Deadliest Roads, I couldn’t help but smile. Oh my heavens, it sure was good to see Gentleman Jack again. I still say he’s the best Calvary Carlile ever has…..
    Stay Safe Judy & Jack……and have Fun…

  2. Melinda Gill says:

    Mr. Jack Jesse is very much missed on IRT. I was a new viewer (one season before The Dalton) and Jack and Lisa were quite welcome in my eyes. Love Alex but Hugh was a major mistake. I had read that Jack didn’t like the cameras all the time but he was a excellent example of how the ice roads should be respected without taking life threatening risks. Maybe he could make a cameo once a season just to give us our “Jack” fix. Safe travels to all.

  3. Susan says:

    Hi Melinda, You’re absolutely right. I too miss watching IRT up in Alaska. They showed that driving the ice roads, was totally different than just getting behind the wheel & driving. The skills like Jack has, is unquestionable. I miss seeing Jack, Phil, all the people at Carlile. I learned some new, every time I watched it. Loved seeing AK. Yes, Jack didn’t like the camera being in his face 24/7. But still miss Gentleman Jack. IRT being filmed in Canada, is a joke. Forget reality, more like a nighttime soap opera. Finally, I just like to say, I’m sending thy thought & prayers to the Ward family. The sudden death of Darrell Ward, was a shock to us all.

  4. Melinda Gill says:

    OMG, I had not heard about Darrell. How sad for his family. I, too, will send sympathies and prayers. Thank you for sharing that untimely news.

  5. Melvyn Emmett says:

    Sad to hear of the death out Darrell Ward.Fine driver.

  6. Jack is my favorite driver and best above all. My father and step father were both semi drivers from New England so show close to my heart. Miss you, Jack!

  7. Judy Lawson says:

    Hi Judy, I know I’m commenting on old pictures but I really enjoy the pictures you post. I’ll never see Alaska in person so it’s nice to enjoy pictures from people who live there. The wheel on a piece of equipment in a picture from 2012 reminds me of a picture my husband sent to me when he was stationed at Ft. Greely in the very early 1960’s. He was over 6 feet tall and the wheel he was standing in was at least twice or more as tall as he was. We have a son who is retired from 28 years in the Air Force who also spent 4 years in Alaska but I never got to visit him while he was there. I have a question about the northern lights that I never thought to ask either one of them. When they are shown on tv or videos the lights are moving and twisting rapidly. Do they actually move that fast or do they just speed up the videos?

  8. Susan says:

    Judy Lawson, I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada, While they don’t move as fast as you see them on TV, but, yes The lights do dance in the sky. You only see them on clear nights. No matter how often you see them, you’re always left in awe of them. Oh, and yes they do shine in a variety of colors.

    • Judy Lawson says:

      Thank you for answering my question, Susan! I think the lights are beautiful. Are they always the greenish color or do they have different colors depending on the weather maybe?

    • Judy Lawson says:

      Oh, and Susan, I’m in a facebook group with a guy who lives in Edmonton and keeps track of Hummingbirds! Do you put up feeders for the little birds?

  9. Susan says:

    Hi Judy, In the area where I live, there’s just too many cats, so no not many of us,put feeders up for humming birds. I do for the other birds, though. Not really, I’ve seen white ones dance, across the sky, I thought I say red once, but usually just green & white. Take Care

  10. Annette Hughes says:

    Miss you Jack,since darrel ward death,will you come back to the show?and drive the Dalton?

  11. Susan says:

    Hey Annette, the recent IRT was being filmed here in in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Still hoping they’ll move back to Alaska USA

    • Annette Hughes says:

      The show is not interesting any more,this art person,the new female driver,along with the others,well if I’m not channel surfing,I don’t watch anymore.to the ward family,especially Reno,your dad always thought of you just as the past and present IRT watchers sends our deepest sympathy to his family…..jack,please,please come back.

      • Judy Lawson says:

        Annette, if I understand it correctly it’s the producers of the IRT that changed where the show is filmed. They moved the filming out of Alaska and it’s now being produced and filmed in Canada. Jack still drives for Carlile Transport in Alaska. If they would move the filming back to Alaska maybe there’s a chance we could see Jack driving again.

  12. Chris says:

    I really enjoyed watching Jack on IRT, He is a level headed professional truck driver and seems like a good person overall. I am a fellow truck driver over in upstate New York. My family has a concrete block & ready mix business so I get to drive all kinds of trucks, from bulk cement tanks, boom truck, ready mix concrete truck to dump truck. I can say that just from watching him on the show I have learned some great tips, def miss him from the show. Keep on trucking and be safe

  13. Susan says:

    Hi Chris, being a Jack’s, I have to agree, with you. What I really like, is that when he was driving, he was actually educating the viewers. I know, you get to deal with some pretty interesting roads, too.(especially in winter) So you can(the viewers) can always learn something. Plus, Jack doesn’t have a potty mouth, No need to bleep every 2nd word he says. Jack’s known at the Gentleman Driver. Carllile’s Cavalry. Stay Safe out there……….

  14. Judy Lawson says:

    That’s another thing I like about Jack…..doesn’t use language that has to be bleeped out! But I don’t think there’s anything I DON’T like about Jack! He’s a good example for young, and old people like me. He reminds me of my 3 sons, they have never had a potty mouth either. I’m proud of them and Jack. If I could choose a 4th son it would have to be Jack. I’m sure he’s not perfect, but close enough.

    • Susan says:

      LOL, I’m a wee bit older, so I wouldn’t really want him for a son, but would feel much safer driving, if there were more truckers like Jack out there. He is a class act. Guess that’s why he’s so popular. He also has respect for the trucks he drives as well. Jack Jessee, Is in a class by himself.
      Take Care, Stay Safe out there………..

  15. Annette says:

    Jack,Judy,if you guys ever OR have children,what wonderful parents the two of you will make,you have the most beautiful play ground any kid could ever want to play in.with Jack as dad,beautiful.

  16. Susan says:

    Annette Hughes & Judy Lawson, Yes they’ve bee filming Ice Road Truckers, here in Canada, but Mainly in the Northern part of Manitoba, & North Western Ontario. Many views have ceased to watch, as it’s more of a nighttime soap opera for adults. There’s NO respect shown for the owners, nor the trucks, and is no longer a G nor PG rating. Personally, I wish they would film back up in Alaska. Unfortunately viewers, prefer the profanity & disregard for company property. So sad, started as a good reality show, & ended up trash. My personal Opinion I no longer watch

  17. Jesse Aird says:

    Is JudyinAlaska ok? Haven’t seen her respond in a while. Hope and pray that both Judy and Jack are well.

  18. Susan says:

    Hi Jesse Aird, I know that Jack & Judy, were taking a bit of a trip. Then with the death of Darrel Ward, perhaps, they’re staying quiet, or possibly, life catches up with you. You know how it is. Go for a small vacation, come home, and you have your thing to do list, as long as your arm. I’m sure Judy, will make an appearance.

  19. Jesse Aird says:

    Thanks Susan. Folks on this blog are great.

  20. judyinalaska says:

    Hi all, yes Jack and I have been in and out of town a lot this summer. Currently trying to catch up on everything that needs to get done before winter. I hope to return to weekly blogging this winter when there’s less to do. Life does get hectic. Jack was saddened by the death of Darrell Ward. He didn’t know him very well but liked him a lot. And since Jack is a man of few words that is saying a lot. Thanks everyone for your kind words about Jack. I always plan on reading him your comments but then when he is here for only one afternoon, like yesterday, so many things get left undone. Like I said, winter should be quieter and we can catch up a little bit. Thanks guys for being such loyal fans to Jack! He will hear what you guys have posted recently on his next day off, later on this week. – Judy

  21. Susan says:

    Hi Jesse Aird, No problem. Happy I could help. And yes, I have to agree, everyone on this blog, are pretty great. Judy does one heck of a job, trying to keep answering questions, & just blogging, does a phenominal job as well. No worries Judy, All of us understand how life happens, and time gets away from us.
    Please both You & Jack Stay Safe

  22. Russ from NC says:

    Thanks for this blog. I always thought that along with Lisa and Alex, Jack was one of the most interesting IRT drivers. Thanks again!

    • Susan says:

      Hi Russ, Jack is Aces. Now if Jack would write a book, about how he can to be an Ice Road Trucker, & a few more memorable stories/adventures, I know ALL of us Jack Jessee Fans & more would wait in line for it.

  23. Melvyn Emmett says:

    Sorry I haven’t commented for a while. Ironic the way Darrell died after years driving ice roads. Don’t know what Lisa Kelly will do now.
    Anyway glad Jack and Judy ok

  24. Sartenada says:

    Hi. Your blog is awesome. I checked many of Your post and loved them. Regards from Finland.

  25. Jesse Aird says:

    How are y’all doing? How is Jack’s new Freightliner and DD16 engine doing? How winter is treating you well.
    Jesse Aird

    • judyinalaska says:

      It’s not quite winter but sometimes it feels like it! Jack put about 145 thousand miles on the Shaker and really enjoyed the DD16. He’s back in a Kenworth now. Best wishes to you Jesse. 🙂

      • Jesse Aird says:

        Thanks Judy. Why the Kenworth? I thought that Jack liked the Shaker. Hope y’all are well.

  26. TripleSix says:

    What ever happened to Big Daddy Carey Hall? Love to see him and Jack prank each other. Is Big daddy still at Carlile?

  27. Tex Alan Walker says:

    Respect to the man.hes not big headed but as a senior driver out there the new boys should listen to what he tells them. It’s for their own good. You never make out you know everything,old school as we call them in the UK get treated with respect. We used to run Europe east and west ,some of the lads done Moscow regular ,Tashkent in Uzbekistan and Almaty in Khazachstan not far from the Chinese border. It wasn’t a race ,everybody looked out for each other. Nobody tried to make a name for themselves. Big respect to Jack Jesse proper old school trucker.

  28. Lisa says:

    watching series 6 right now. Jack is definitely one of the best truckers I’ve ever watched. Safe, steady and doesnt seem to lose his temper. I understand he’s not televised anymore….sad that. Hope they go back and film again. Keep safe Jack

  29. Richard Hughes says:

    Can I ask why jack dosent interact on this website.

  30. Jesse Aird says:

    Hope you and Jack are well. Looks like Jack is driving a W9…what happened to the Freightliner?

  31. Finn says:

    My favorite memory of watching jack on Ice Road Truckers was the First run in season 4 when he was hauling a massive Pipe Rack and he beat Greg Boadwine to Prudhoe Bay after Greg Chased him the whole way Through the Dalton Highway, Memories like that make me miss Jack and the Show even more, hopefully we can get the show back in Alaska

  32. ladysuwanee says:

    Very cool
    Miss you on the show.
    Take care. Becareful on those roads

  33. Hello, Judy Jessee

    You have put together an excellent Website about Jack’s driving- he is an excellent driver- and about life in Alaska generally. Some fantastic wildlife scenes and views of extreme frost and snow. I visited Fairbanks in late November/ early December 2008 and took a tour trip up the Dalton Highway to as far as the Yukon River on the Arctic Circle- shimmering Northern lights, glistening stars, powdery snow and -25C (it was bliss). I would love to return one day.

    I got Ice Road Truckers Seasons Six and Eight for Christmas, your husband’s driving is excellent. However, nothing after Season Six from Alaska so I have not seen any more of your husband on the Dalton Highway, nor of boss Lane Keator, Phil Krom (trainer) or the young man, Austin the latter of whom I have no idea what they are doing now, whether they are still with Carlile or have gone on to better things (maybe working on the Oil Rig in the frozen Arctic Ocean north of Prudhoe Bay?).

    So sad to hear about Darrell Ward’s untimely death: Maybe his son, Reno will follow in his footsteps and become a great trucker like his father was.

    All the best to you and Jack. Thank you for such an interesting website.

    Ian Pennell

    (Cumbria, northern England)

    • judyinalaska says:

      Hi Ian, thanks for the note. So glad you enjoyed your trip to Alaska, it certainly is beautiful with so much to see. Lane left the company a few years back and we’re not sure what he is up to. Same for Austin but Phil is still with Carlile. Jack agrees about Darrell but he’s never met Reno. Happy New Year! – Jack & Judy

  34. Johnathan Hensley says:

    Hi just have a quick quest I dont know who to get hold of to apply for the chance to drive the winter rds if anything is still being hired to haul stuff back in fourth if it possible to I was wondering if you guy may could point me in the right direction to get hold of the right people or employer and I still am a fan of mr jack also

  35. Karen says:

    I love watching irt from season one and jack jessie is my favourite ice road trucker.

  36. Hi Jack and Judy,

    I’m a producer for Business Insider. We’re working on a video about the world’s most exciting and dangerous roads. Can we include some of your footage and photos from traveling the Dalton? Anything we use will obviously be credited to your website/channel.


    • judyinalaska says:

      Hi Dan, sure that would be great. A couple of our videos were taken by other drivers which we credited. Not sure how you do that, but it’s fine with us. Can you please provide a link so we can see it? Or tell us how to see it, when you’re finished? Thanks – Judy & Jack

      • Daniel Gessner says:

        Thank you! And we’ll definitely make sure to credit them to the right pages/people. It’ll be posted to our SnapChat show, YouTube channel, Facebook and website. I’ll make sure to send you a link.

  37. Susan says:

    Hi Judy, I know you get asked this frequently, but do you happen to remember the title of IRT, when filming in AK?? I ask bc I purchased IRT(season 1 – 3), and the only truckers that were filmed in northern Canada. I thought I was purchasing the AK seasons. If you can help, I’d be very grateful. Thanks In Advance. You & Jack Take Care

  38. Antoine says:


    I’m a french documentaries director. I would like to get in touch with you in order to tell you about a project I have.

    Waiting to hear from you,
    Thanks a lot !!


  39. Mary Freeman says:

    What nice pictures. Lucky man to have just as nice wife. You both seem to be very nice which is exceptional in the world we live in. At least in Tv world. Also seem to be down to earth normal Joe’s. My grandfather was a trucker passed now. All I gotta say is God Bless! Your awful brave Jack I have often thought of driving myself like Lisa but I’ve passed because I don’t think I could survive holding my breath that long without passing out at the wheel. I hold high regards for all truckers. Stay safe.

  40. Judy,do you ever go with Jack on the haul ?
    Melvyn from England

    • judyinalaska says:

      Yes, twice all the way to Prudhoe. Once for our “first date” in June of 2006. Then again a few years later during an amazing autumn with blue skies and yellow and orange/pink birch trees. We also go camping usually once a year up the Dalton, sometimes over Atigun and back again. It’s very peaceful and quiet, even with the trucks, and Jack loves being able to explore the off roads he usually can only see from his big truck.

  41. Finn Rondy says:

    Has Jack hauled any Oversized cargo since season 6 on IRT or has he just hauled fuel ???? Also hoping the company that does the filming will come back to Alaska, Fingers crossed 🤞🤞

    • judyinalaska says:

      Mostly fuel, but he does go and help out the heavy haul division when they need it. About filming, he doubts they will come back, that the show has more or less run its course.

  42. Travis Burcham says:

    Thanks for the YouTube shows and pics Jack.
    I remember your Mom being one of my teachers way back when. I started in trucking at 21, still in it. ESTES Express Lines.
    Stay safe!
    Travis Burcham

  43. Cindy TIPTON says:

    I have always wondered what ever happened to Jack when he left the show I loved the way he was calm behind the wheel of his truck and he was real on the show he was never out there to show off I only watched a couple shows after he was done

  44. Derek Jewell says:

    Miss watching jack drive, he’s been my favorite driver Ive ever watched…. Hope you are doing well the both of you

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