Snow Phenomenon

Below you can see the unique snow phenomenon that Jack saw on the Dalton when he came over the top of Gobbler’s Knob a few weeks ago. The first video shows him seeing it and the low sun casting alpenglow into his cab. The second is a compilation of clips of it with real audio of he and another driver discussing it and other things. The third (at double speed) is coming up and under it and the blowing snow on the road. And the fourth is later that day, just a beautiful drive going south at 4x speed.

Jack believes the snow phenomenon was a localized wind storm that kicked up snow into what looked like a cloud or even a mountain from far away. It was a windy day overall.

3 comments on “Snow Phenomenon

  1. chasnlinda says:

    WOW, those are interesting pictures. Thank you for sharing the pics. It is always interesting to see them. A Fan of Jack Jessee. Thank You Again, Linda Rogers from CA.

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  2. koalaeggcharon68899 says:

    Greeting Mrs. Jessie, Please let Jack know that I am rooting for him every mile he drives in those awful conditions. My book on OTR driving will be coming out this Summer and I would like to send your family a free copy.Keep up the good work guys w/ the hammer down!  Warm regards,  Bruce T. Pelletier

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