Burnt truck on the hillside

So sorry we haven’t posted in so long!  We’re going to try to change that but here is a video from yesterday on the road.  The driver said something about his engine over heating, possibly because of a fan malfunctioning.

4 comments on “Burnt truck on the hillside

  1. GP Cox says:

    Welcome home, it’s great to see you!!

  2. Pete says:

    No doubt coming down Atigun heading South

    I saw a trailer burn like that about 8 years ago at the Yukon river camp

    bad luck but hopefully the driver is OK.

  3. Marygail says:

    hi judy, was thinking about you guys, while driving and watching a lot if 18 wheelers in the road!
    I learned from jack, the reason for the hump on the trailer.
    Mg on the east coast

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