Aurora Borealis on the Dalton

Nice aurora pics, John Slater!

9 comments on “Aurora Borealis on the Dalton

  1. Tina Wallace says:

    oh wow beautiful pictures, keep safe on the road 🙂

  2. chasnlinda says:

    Gorgeous picture. Thanks for sharing. Always love seeing the pictures. Thanks again, Always a Fan, Linda Rogers Oroville, CA

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  3. Didier Samson says:

    Hello from France 👋very nice pictures !!i enjoy to follow you👍👍stay safe brother!

    Le ven. 5 févr. 2021 à 05:27, The Jack Jessee Blog a écrit :

    > judyinalaska posted: “Nice aurora pics, John Slater! ” >

  4. Howard Anthony says:

    That Is an Awesome picture. Is that your rig also Jack.

  5. Colin Adams says:

    WOOOW that’s one hell of a beautiful pictures

  6. Richard Collins says:

    Awesome photos take care on the Dalton jack

  7. I love the northern lights. I have a big light in my bedroom and I turn it on at night and of course the light is shows is the Northern Lights. It shines on my ceiling. Growing up in Minnesota we used to look out our windows of our home and watch the Northern Lights when it was a clear night. I also have pants with the Northern Lights on them.
    Wish I could go to Alaska and see the Ice Bears i.e. Polar Bears, Sea Bears, Ursus Meritimus. I am a avid donator to all bears but the Ice Bears are my most favorite. Sure wish they were not predators.

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