Roadside Spring, Elliot Highway

Truck drivers stop at this roadside spring to clean their lights.  Most of them use a bucket with a brush but Jack recently got a battery powered pressure washer (not pictured here because we’re camping, not trucking).  Some of them use it for drinking water also even though there’s a sign that says it hasn’t been deemed potable.  It tastes great!  We stopped here in 2020 on our way up north to go “camping with guns” as Jack calls it when he doesn’t get a moose.  🙂

2 comments on “Roadside Spring, Elliot Highway

  1. Pete says:

    Lived South of Livengood for 14 years and on my trips into Fairbanks would stop and fill my ‘wash’ water jugs. Never had the courage to drinl it so only used it for washing. I did drink from a spring about halfway between where I lived and Livengood.. its not marked but does have a almost hidden pipe coming out of the side of a hill on the West side of the Elliott.

    I’m sure you remember our driveway on the East side with the big KL1HB road sign below a link to short video of the homestead from the air… best part at the 3min mark apx when I do a flyover in the fall without the snow…..

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