The Dalton Highway in September

Last fall we took a camping/hunting trip up the Dalton.  We were lucky to get tons of beautiful weather.  Only a little rain.  Summer is almost here!

7 comments on “The Dalton Highway in September

  1. Matt Abercrombie says:

    Really enjoyed your photos guys.It”s a beautiful country. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hary Dominique says:

    Hi Jacke and Judy

    Here is famous Dalton Highway.
    What difference betwenn summer and winter .It’s amazing .
    I prefer the winter ,it’s more white.
    Have ou’ seen bears in your during your walks?
    One question have the trucke drivers already seen bears on their along journey?
    Good continution lovely country. Thank you for share

    good luck to the extreme driver on ice roads

    The french boy Dominique.

    Translate french

    Bonjour Jack.
    Quel différence entre l’été et l’hiver. C’est étonnant.
    Je préfère l’hiver c’est plus blanc.
    As tu vu des ours durant tes promenades?
    Une question :Est ce que les chauffeurs routier ont-ils déjà vu des ours pendant leur longue journée?

    Bonne continuation beaux pays .Merci pour ce partage

    Bonne chance au routiers de l’extrême sur les routes de glace.

    Dominique le garçon francais

    • judyinalaska says:

      Hi Dominique. Yes Jack sees bears every now and then. All up and down the Dalton he sees them. Even polar bears up in Prudhoe (rarely). He also sees wolves, foxes, musk ox, caribou, lynx, wolverines, and moose of course. Usually not close enough to get good photos. The season is starting for when he sees Grizzles, so maybe he can get some good photos for this blog. Best wishes – Judy & Jack

  3. kafer1mailcom says:

    Hey Judy,
    Tell Jack Woodstock was over decades ago and Jimi Hendrix sadly is gone. Dye the beard, dress up the rig and play Santa with that beard.
    Someone has good taste as they are driving a Ford PU. My 97 Diesel 3/4-ton turbo is still going strong. Going on 24 years old now. I have people approach me bugging me to sell it to them. They all say I should put in car shows. I may just do that. I can’t sell my baby (Big Red). He (Big Red) is a super good Ford tough truck. I even talk to Red every time we take a cruise. Ha-ha


    • judyinalaska says:

      Hi Suzy, Jack loves his beard but I’m always bugging him to trim it back 😉 He does love Ford pickups. He has two, a 2003 F-250 and a 2000 F-450. Both with 7.3s and manuals. I think he will keep them forever. But I’m not sure that he talks to them lol…

  4. Mary Gail Ranaldi says:

    Great photos

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