Two young moose nibble twigs

5 comments on “Two young moose nibble twigs

  1. audrey258 says:

    Hearing the twigs snapping is just incredible!

  2. melemm says:

    Hi Judy, haven’t spoken for some time.i certainly missed Jack on IRT but still consider him the best driver on the ice roads.
    Both of you stay safe. Maybe see you in UK one day!

  3. melemm says:

    Judy, have you ever joined Jack on the haul ?
    Melvyn from England

    • judyinalaska says:

      Yes, twice all the way to Prudhoe. Once for our “first date” in June of 2006. Then again a few years later during an amazing autumn with blue skies and yellow and orange/pink birch trees. We also go camping usually once a year up the Dalton, sometimes over Atigun and back again. It’s very peaceful and quiet, even with the trucks, and Jack loves being able to explore the off roads he usually can only see from his big truck.

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