End of Summer For Us

Hi all!  Here is a photo of Jack’s latest project:

Jack and his wood pile

He’s been working on that pile for a few weeks.  They still need to be split but he’s made good progress.

Jack says he enjoys cutting wood a lot more than the project he had to tackle back in May:

Cutting Sport's furCutting Sport’s hair.  He tried the trimmers but they didn’t work so we whipped out the scissors.

Poor Sport, I know.  He was miserable.  But the next day he ran around like the world had just been lifted off his shoulders.  And later, when we had 90 degrees, though he had surely forgotten about the heavy coat he had in winter, he still seemed grateful.  🙂

Summer was sensational!  80 and even 90 degree weather.  It was heavenly.

Hope you all had a terrific summer!

8 comments on “End of Summer For Us

  1. Amanda Gardiner says:

    What a fabulous blog – so kind of you both to let us share in your life ! Whilst Jack is clearly a fabulous trucker and our favourite ice road trucker by far (trust me he has a huge following in Scotland !!!!) you both very clearly enjoy your native Alaska and it is very enjoyable to read your postings ! We have become so hooked that we have decided to visit Alaska hopefully in the Spring – a lot of your landscape reminds us of our own land in the Scottish Highlands ! Unfortunately, we didn’t enjoy the same glorious summer temperatures as you did in Fairbanks but then again we didn’t suffer the same cold as you did in winter ! We will miss not seeing the “gentleman of the road” on this season of ice road trucker but he deserves a rest – at least we can catch-up on your blog ! Thank you both !

  2. Gunar G says:

    Hi Judy and Jack! Congratulations for the nice warm Sommer.Here in Central Europe, it was also beautiful. It was with 35-40 ° C (95-105 ° F) almost too warm. We had 2 weeks holiday (only unfortunately), but the rest of the summer I had a lot of miles (kilometers haha.). OK. Greetings to Alaska. Have a nice time together. Keep on trucking my buddies.

    • judyinalaska says:

      Hello Gunar, so glad you had a beautiful summer too. I hope autumn is going well… here we are already in the snow…

      • Gunar G says:

        Hi Judy and Jack! Oh, we have a wonderful autumn. A bit of frost on the morning on the day but lots of sun. It’s nice to hear something from you. I hope it’s good for both of you. Jack is still working at Carlile?

  3. Darius Lander says:

    Poor Sport. He looks like he is begging you for help.
    I have to ask. How did your garden fare?

  4. Nora Armstrong says:

    I just love watching Ice road truckers. You are all rough riders and so brave. Keep on trucking Jack Jessee. Nora….. From Tullibody in Scotland. Xxx

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