2004, the worst smokey year in Fairbanks history!

2004 was the worst summer for smoke in Fairbanks EVER, at least as far as we’re concerned!

The smoke hung around for over 3 weeks.  It was rough.  Here are before and after photos from that summer:

Forest fire smoke in Fairbanks, Alaska - July 2004

I shouldn’t have been out taking photos in this stuff!  This is the Chena River and the 2 buildings are the Key Bank building and the Springhill Suites Hotel.

Forest Fire smoke in Fairbanks, Alaska - July 2004

Here is another one showing Springhill Suites, which was at the time very new.

Luckily, the past few days have been pretty clear and now we’ve had a downpour or two, so things are looking up for those of us who want the fires to go away!





2 comments on “2004, the worst smokey year in Fairbanks history!

  1. Kati Falk says:

    I distinctly remember that year, ugh. We actually went out and bought TWO portable air cleaners for the house just to be able to breath INDOORS! Was never so happy to see rain come. Hope you all are not suffering to this extent this year, not good to breath that stuff. Kati Falk Designs 532 South 50 Street Omaha, NE 68106 http://www.katifalkdesigns.com katifalk@me.com

  2. judyinalaska says:

    Yep, we were really appreciating our 2 air filters a few days ago! It’s totally clear in Fairbanks now, love it.

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