Jack’s driving the motor home this time…

This year Jack took me and the motor home out for a quick weekend hunt.  (It was really camping, not hunting, although Jack would have taken a shot if he came across one in an accessible area.)  We really wish we had been able to get out a little more over the summer!

There is always next year…

Jack, taking a look

Jack, taking a look

Sport, taking a lookSport, taking a look

Truck on the Dalton Highway, with the Trans-Alaska Pipeline next to the road

A Western Star truck driving the Dalton Highway with the Trans-Alaska Pipeline in the background.  Jack knew who the driver was, of course.

Jack's wife, Judy and their dog Sport

Jack’s wife, Judy (me), and our dog Sport.

What are these?

Any idea what these are?

Jack on a pipeline access road

Jack on a pipeline access road.

Trans-Alaska Pipeline, Dalton Highway AlaskaFinally the sun starts to come out!

Trans-Alaska Pipeline, Dalton Highway Alaska

And we get to see the pipeline in the evening sun.

Dalton Highway sign

The beautiful Dalton Highway road sign at 1 mile.

Jack with motor home and big trucks

Jack taking a look at the big trucks, but he’s driving a motor home this time…

Here are a few more photos if you are interested.

Oxbow Lake, Dalton Highway Alaska

Trans-Alaska PIpeline, Dalton Highway Alaska

Autumn FireweedTrans-Alaska Pipeline along the Dalton Highway Alaska

Graffiti on the Trans-Alaska PipelineGraffiti on the Trans-Alaska PipelineBridge near Trans-Alaska Pipeline

Spruce Grouse

Spruce Grouse near the Trans-Alaska PipelineTrans-Alaska PipelineTrans-Alaska Pipeline, Dalton Highway AlaskaTrans-Alaska Pipeline

Have a wonderful autumn everyone!

12 comments on “Jack’s driving the motor home this time…

  1. mary gail ranaldi says:

    I love your photos and some insight to your life in Alaska

  2. Great shot of the pipeline. Audrey

  3. LAGOUGE says:

    cette fois ci jack conduit un véhicule mini,mais il a toujours un œil sur la dalton …
    j’espere que votre voyage était super

  4. chasnlinda says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. They are always welcome and enjoyed. My husband and I miss seeing one of the best ( if not the best ) on Ice Road Truckers. We must admit though, that the last two seasons have not been the best. Too much drama instead of seeing what truckers like Jack show and we learn from what he shows. THANKS so much again for sharing. Charles and Linda Rogers Oroville, CA.

    Sent from Linda’s iPad

    ” A Lie doesn’t become Truth, Wrong doesn’t become Right & Evil doesn’t become Good, just because it is accepted by a Majority.”



  5. rosemegan321 says:

    Great picture Jack. Please post more. Would be appreciated.

    MIke Pustaver

  6. JINNY FOLDOE says:

    Nice to wee your whole family in the pictures. Thanks for posting them. K.C. came over to Waubun to my place for supper last night and Rachel and Hugo visited today for a great outdoorsy fall windy day of biking and 4 wheeler driving for Hugo on a miniature which he loved. Fall is a good time for family…before the snow flies.

    love to you both,


    Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 02:16:33 +0000 To: jinnysue@hotmail.com

  7. Elisabeth says:

    Wonderful photos. Thank you for posting them.

  8. Jill says:

    Thanks for sharing, lovely photos, you are so lucky.

  9. manjeetkumar says:

    beautiful Alaska through your eyes

  10. Bill Howard says:

    Still like and enjoy your post Judy. Hello to Jack.

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