Yearling Moose

Sorry for not posting for such a long time!  I often ask Jack to take more photos on the road but he’s too busy trucking!  So you’re stuck with a few photos of this lovely young moose chomping on willows.

Yearling Moose

She was really feasting up a storm on Chena Hot Springs Road yesterday.

Yearling Moose

She’s stripping the leaves off the willow branches.

Yearling Moose eating willowAnd doing a thorough job of it!

Yearling Moose eating willow

I bet you didn’t know Moose could open their mouths that wide!  (Just kidding, that’s just her lip I think, but it looks funny.)

Yearling Moose

Here she is being alert.  She is actually quite small for a moose that is without a mother.  I’m sure she’s a yearling and probably only about 4 1/2 feet at the shoulder (wild guess!).  (Calling her a “she” is also a guess.)

Yearling Moose

Have a nice day everyone!




8 comments on “Yearling Moose

  1. chasnlinda says:

    Love the pictures Jack. Really cool.

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  2. john hurst says:

    when will ice road trucker be back on history channel

  3. […] Source: Yearling Moose […]

  4. Howard WT says:

    I love the photos you do post, Wish you all well and happiness.

  5. Paula says:

    Thanks for the both of you, this blog is nice. I’m from Finland and season 6 from IRT just ended here. I searched information about the show and found out that Jack’s not on season 7. Why? He is simply the best of them. Have a lovely summer.

  6. Melisa says:

    We miss you on IRT you are the best

  7. Olive Melville says:

    Loved IRT and just love the moose photos. What kind and soft eyes she has. Pity we don’t have them in Scotland. Best wishes.

  8. Lisa says:

    Jack, I sure miss you on IRT. You are the best of what they have/had and I wish I could enjoy watching you again on the show; it just isn’t the same without you!!! I pray the best for you and yours! Hope to see you on IRT in the future.

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