Jack gets his ATV stuck on a muddy trail!

Yes, Jack got stuck in a mud puddle.  It was a big mud puddle though!  If fact, it was kind of a swamp.

He was not pleased!  After sticking a few pieces of wood under the vehicle for traction and not getting any we gave up and started walking.  Thank goodness it was only a mile back to the road!  I stayed there with our dog and Jack hitched a ride back to our house to get the 4-wheeler that has a winch on it.  So in a flash Jack was back, and soon we had the side-by-side out and we were heading down the trail on our merry way… it was already 11pm but Jack needed to balance his hard work with some hard play so we didn’t get home for another 2 or 3 hours!

We found a great easement trail!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with side-by-sides, they are similar to 4-wheelers but bigger and you can sit side by side behind a wind shield.  It’s more comfortable than a 4-wheeler, warmer, and you don’t get rained on.  Best of all, our old mutt can ride instead of run so he doesn’t wear himself out.  He must be part sled dog because he would run himself into the ground if you let him.

Moral of the story:  have a winch on your ATV if you are going to drive it through mud.  Jack hadn’t gotten around to buying one when we got stuck.  But you can be sure it’s at the top of his to-do list now!  Either way, it was a very fun night and we probably wouldn’t change a thing even if we could.  🙂


7 comments on “Jack gets his ATV stuck on a muddy trail!

  1. Kristen says:

    Jack your AWESOME!!!

  2. Look’s like a good ride after all Keep wheeling on 4 or 18 wheels God bless you.

  3. Uncle Bill says:

    I bet its not the First time this old boys been stuck.

  4. Jyrki says:

    Professional trucker can handle this kind of little troubles 🙂 Keep on trucking! Greetings from Finland!

  5. Kevin Rogers says:

    Hi Jack, Long time IRT fan and ATV/MC nut. I spent a couple of weeks around Wasilla about 10 years back and have been thinking about going back with the 4 wheelers for a while now. I’m thinking Oct.-Nov. would be the best time once the skeeters die down and before the deep snows. Riding all the coal country down here in VA.,WV, TN. and Kentucky is wearing thin. Any tips on guides or good areas to ride would be appreciated. BTW, your cousin BJ is my neighbor and your name came up the other day when someone mentioned the show, small world. Anyway be safe and keep on trucking.

    • judyinalaska says:

      Jack says: Hi Kevin, no clue about trails around Wasilla but I know a few near Fairbanks. We like the White Mountain Trails accessed from the Steese Highway and there are a couple good ones off Chena Hot Springs Road. Wish I could help you more but I’ve been working too much these last couple of years and haven’t done a lot of searching for good trails.

      • Kevin Rogers says:

        Judy-Jack, That’s Outstanding. I’ll go wherever the road leads me for some good riding. I will definately do some more research before heading out. I know you guys are super busy, but the next time yall head back to the flatlands, around VA or NC, give old BJ a ring and let him know. I been enamoured with the show from the begining,the whole family here are big fans and so dinner’s on me. I been on wheels of some sort since age 6, and got my real driving lessons starting about 12, on many weekends when my best friends dad would take us out to the yard at Pilot Frieght and help with a little switching, an old Diamond cabover kind of like this one :

        Extra points for naming that mountain !

        Take care and Thanks again.


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