Valdez Avalanche Photos

A major avalanche happened very recently along the Richardson Highway, about 20 or so miles from Valdez.  Below are photos Jack was able to acquire from a friend – taken by Alyeska (and we hope no copyright has been violated by posting them here).

You can see here where the snow has covered the highway and the river that runs alongside it:

Valdez Avalanche 1

Here is the same thing but farther away.

Valdez Avalanche 2And the rest are from another angle, showing the pooling of river water that is covering a long stretch of the highway.

Valdez Avalanche 3

Valdez Avalanche 4

Valdez Avalanche 5

So needless to say the Richardson Highway is closed and people who live in Valdez can only get out of the town by water or air.  Jack says the snow will be removed by loaders but that sure seems like a dangerous job…!



6 comments on “Valdez Avalanche Photos

  1. Gunar G says:

    I’ve never seen a real avalanche, except in pictures. But that’s already enormous forces that act, if such a part is coming down. I have absolute Respect for Mother Nature.

  2. kate L says:

    pour moi qui habite en FRANCE voir la force de la nature dans votre région c’est juste fascinant…

    vous habiter dans une région magnifique. merci de nous faire profiter de tout cela

  3. rosemegan321 says:

    I pray no one was hurt.

  4. JINNY FOLDOE says:

    Hey Judy,

    Thanks for these horrible and informative photos.

    It sure has been winter times winter all over this year.

    Our very long driveway here in Waubun MN, has farm acreage on either side, and we don’t get avalanches, but the drifts have been 4 or 5 feet high repeately, and if my landlady didn’t own a bobcat, we sure wouldn’t be getting out to school to work.

    Gabriel is cool. almost 2 and a half …will be on the 6th of Feb. I went to Moorhead on Saturday to help Rachel clean on of the apartments to ready for the next renters. (R&J are apt managers for rent reduction.) John brought Gabriel Hugo in after lunch (they had been over to John’s mom’s house to work and GH to hang out).

    So I open the apartment door, and GH comes marching into the empty apartment with a Vikings shirt on and also a large plastic yellow football helmet, and doesn’t even say hello. I looked and John and shrugged. John luaghed and said, “Don’t you hear what he’s saying? “Grandma Jinny’s is here! Grandma Jinny is here!” (He heard my voice, but certainly seemed more enthralled with the idea of it than the reality of saying hi. He’s an interesting kid. I really don’t think the helmet blocked his view either.)

    Hope you guys are having a good New Year. Even if it is not getting warmer, the days are getting longer, minute by slow minute.

    Love you both.

    Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 04:30:02 +0000 To:

  5. Glen says:

    I know this is off-topic, but last night I watched an episode of BBC’s Deadliest Roads. This episode featured Charley Boorman and Sue Perkins (a couple of British celebrities) traveling the Dalton. At one point they drive into the soft snow shoulder and get stuck. By a very remarkable coincidence, it was a very familiar face that happened along to pull them out. Good on ya Jack! So, were you tagging along to make sure they didn’t get into trouble, or did you actually just come across them in the ditch? Anyway, off the IRT, you seemed much less intense, but still the all-round good guy.

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