Heavy haul load with 2 push trucks

For some reason, years ago, Jack documented this heavy haul load quite thoroughly so why not share it with you guys.  This is a 2006 heavy haul load with 2 push trucks going up Atigun Pass on the Dalton Highway, and coming down the other side.  The load might be some kind of heater, maybe to heat the oil going down the pipeline, but Jack’s not totally sure.  It’s an outside unit so didn’t need to be covered.  Click on the first one and scroll to the right.

5 comments on “Heavy haul load with 2 push trucks

  1. Talissa Huff says:

    Really enjoy back here in Woodlawn Va ur mom taught me n school n ur dad I thought was going to get to whoop me n school lol but I was mean lil country girl..ur my hero..go Jack Ice Road Truckers Rule…

  2. Melinda Gill says:

    I remember watching this or similar situation on IRT which I wish would come back to Alaska. But, I remember also Jack didn’t like the filming cramping his time. Anyway glad you keep us uptodate on your life!!

  3. chasnlinda says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. Really enjoyed looking at those pictures. Sure miss seeing the Dalton Highway episodes if the ice road truckers. The ones they have on now aren’t quite as good , at least to us. Thanks again, Charles & Linda Rogers Fans if Jack Jessee Oroville, CA

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  4. Michele Milot says:

    Jack Jessee how are you. Why you don’t with Lisa, etc. On road the glass ??????

  5. Love the pictures! It takes a certain kind of person to drive a fully loaded truck up the side of an icy mountain. Respect sir.

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