Comments, links, & a question about Season 5

Jack really appreciates all the great comments from you guys!  Someone mentioned that we should post a link to Jack’s Facebook page, so click here to visit his personal page.

There is a fan page out there too run by a fan of Jack’s – click here for that.   (This fan page may be shut down eventually since the page’s goal was to bring Jack Jessee back to Ice Road Truckers for Season 6 and that definitely happened.)

Someone else asked why Jack wasn’t on Season 5.  And the answer is that Jack was burnt out with being filmed every second while he was driving, and the producing company just couldn’t pay him enough to continue at that time.  Turns out, a year later enough time had gone by and Jack was open to doing the show again.  Life sometimes takes a turn that you don’t expect, and being on national TV was definitely one of them for Jack!

So, now you have a little background info.  Have a great week!

4 comments on “Comments, links, & a question about Season 5

  1. Gunar Groß says:

    Thank you Jack for this comment .I would imagine that it is not easy getting the camera in the face and still be such difficult job. Now, also, money is always a reason to change the decision in one way or another. Greetings to Jack and Judy stay healthy until soon.

  2. Chris Oliver says:

    Thanks for the post about Jack not being on season 5. I can sort of understand with cameras in your face every hour, for 2 months or so, it would get annoying. It properly takes alot of work not juts by the guy filming, but for the trucker, who ever that may be, they have to talk about whats going on, when they should be concentrating on driving. But have a good week.

  3. Leslie Northrup says:

    Since we don’t get to see Jack Jesse on IRT this season, please keep us posted with his adventures on the Dalton. Glad I found this blog – and Thanks Judy for keeping it up to date.

  4. Lori says:

    Yes I miss jack messed on it he was easy to watch

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