Huge Wolf Track!

Wolf Track compared to the size of a dollar bill

Jack found this wolf track along the Dalton Highway the other day and put down a bill to compare size.  It’s huge!

(When I looked at this I said “You used a 100 dollar bill???”  Turns out, it was the most crisp bill in his wallet so he used it!  Funny.)

The wolf track is much larger than I would have imagined.  Our dog is pretty decent sized but his print would be about half that size!


3 comments on “Huge Wolf Track!

  1. Sharon Holdinghausen says:

    Wow! That is one big foot!

  2. Ceinwenn says:

    That is crazy! Wouldn’t want to come across it on my own!

  3. Chris Oliver says:

    That wolf print is huge, I’ve not seen a print that big . That is a very crisp $100 bill, if you dog’s print is half the size, the wolf must be a huge one.

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