How does Jack stay warm out there? Part 1

You know how some people just have an inner furnace that keeps them warm all the time?  That’s Jack.  At 40 or 50 below he’ll bundle up with Carhartt bibs, and a hat, or maybe a face mask.  But 20 below, that’s just normal to him.

A reader, John Webb, asked “I was just wondering when Jack is out on the Dalton swapping cogs how does he keep warm at night sleeping in his truck and why does’nt he ever wear a serious coat/jacket/parka, I feel cold just watching him get out when he’s hitchin up to his next load.”

Jack's Frostbit EarJack might have an inner furnace, but even he can misgauge temperatures when wind is a factor.  A few years ago at 20 above, Jack frostbit his ear.  This was a serious miscalculation on his part, and it shows what even a minor breeze can result in when it’s still above zero.  (You can see the blister on the outer part but if you notice, almost half of the ear is red and swollen.)

So this is serious stuff to miscalculate on and Jack paid the price this time.

He does wear a serious jacket at those colder temperatures but oftentimes if it’s just a quick jump outside to check the load before leaving, his long-sleeved shirt (over a T-shirt) is enough.  You balance the hassle of getting out your coat, which could be buried in the back under your cooler or lunch or logbook, with how much cold you can handle on your short trip out into it.

As for how he stays warm at night in the truck, stay tuned!


5 comments on “How does Jack stay warm out there? Part 1

  1. Ruth Jessee says:

    And we worry if it is 32 degrees. My bear, JJ,, was a hit with SE and Rede. Did. Emily send you Sent from my iPad. Pic ????? I love them !!! Thanks for the BLog… Memaw ?? ?????

  2. Chris Oliver says:

    I’ve seen them all wear not a whole lot, if its just checking the load. But when hooking and un hooking from trailers, he does wear a few layers, casue he’ll be out in the cold for a few mintues. Never had frostbit beofre, so only guessing but it must be painful.

  3. Gary says:

    How did you and Jack wind up in Alaska ? How did Jack get into trucking ?

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