Not Canada-Bound At This Time

Hello Everyone – It looks like Jack is not going to be on the next season of Ice Road Truckers.  Who knows what the future holds, but for now it doesn’t look like he is involved in filming in Canada for next season  .  We’ll keep posting though, so stay tuned!

Jack Jessee

Here is Jack a few weeks ago packing down snow so I can get out of our driveway the next morning.  It was really coming down!

(Just so you know, one of the pleasures of living in Alaska is seeing the landscape after a heavy snow…beautiful!)  Snow on the Trees in the Sunset


17 comments on “Not Canada-Bound At This Time

  1. Tracy says:

    Jack, you will always be our fav IRT! We love you!

  2. That’s alright. Just add some videos to your youtube, and we’ll be satisfied.

  3. Sharon Holdinghausen says:

    Love the pictures of the snow, it really is beautiful. So sorry to hear that Jack will not be on the new season of IRT. Maybe the producers will realize that it is a mistake to not have the load
    count winner on the show. (Although I’m sure that having all those camera’s in your face is
    probably kind of annoying)

  4. Chris Oliver says:

    Its to bad, all the good drivers, the ones that people want to see are leaving it. The Ace should go to Canada, he’ll give the Canadians a run for their money. If season 7 gets some ratings, high enough to do another season, they should have as many of the original drivers as they can get. That would make season 8 a good one.

  5. Robbie says:

    I just started watching Ice Road Truckers last season. I’m so disappointed that Jack will not be on this season!

  6. Michael Redcay says:

    We’ll miss you Jack. Keep in touch. Greetings from Lancaster County , PA.

  7. Mary Gail ra says:

    What a pity, keep sending photos, really enjoying them.

  8. Kathy Bouse says:

    Too bad the Alaska drivers won’t be on this next season; makes for a more interesting show with the Dalton highway, but Canada is beautiful. Keep sending the awesome pics.

  9. Ruth Jessee says:

    Thanks for the. Blog…. Always good to hear from you. I want to tell you again how much I am enjoying the Christmas gift you sent me. Each of the smaller package in it is a surprise. So far I have had a pkg of cookies, one of hard candies, and one of dark chocolate sugar free wafers. Guess you knew Jim is ” house sitting” waiting for a new furnace to be delivered and installed. He says he has been able to stay warm and keep the pipes from freezing so far. We just had a cold front with snow move through but higher temps are predicted this week. Take care and keep in touch. Love you …. Memaw

    Sent from my iPad

    • judyinalaska says:

      So glad you like the Christmas gift! Jack says he hopes they get the new furnace installed soon because he is coming to visit in a week or so. He says if he wanted to freeze he would just stay up here….haha…. so you’ll be getting a visit soon. (Wish I could come with but I can’t miss work right now.) Hope you get some warmer temps soon. Today it got to 40 below at our house which is almost a record!

  10. Mike Anderson says:

    The show is no longer worth watching without Jack. Sometime soon in the future
    maybe the Ace will get his own TV show. Jack was the most talented driver the show ever had and the nicest driver to. Jack you will be missed.

  11. kimcanada says:

    Jack, IRT will not be the same without you. I hope your season goes well. Stay safe and remeber you will be missed.
    Take care

  12. Susan Heath says:


  13. BigRigEbooks says:

    They lost a great trucker for sure! Excellent Blog, Thanks for sharing!

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