Head-on Collision on the Dalton

As some of you have heard, there was a terrible accident on the Dalton Highway recently.  Two trucks were in a head-on collision about 75 miles from Prudhoe Bay back in October.  Jack arrived on the scene about an hour after it happened so he was able to document it for his bosses.  We’re sharing the photos with you but please keep Jack McCahan in your thoughts as he is in serious condition still even after over a month.

Apparently Jack McCahan was able to crawl out of the burning wreck only a short time before it was engulfed in flames.  Photos below show the burnt truck.  It doesn’t even look like a truck anymore.  Very scary.

(Click on one and scroll.)

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone and please always drive safely, whether you are a trucker or not.

10 comments on “Head-on Collision on the Dalton

  1. kathy_teresa ROWLAND says:

    This is shocking. Can’t believe what happened to that truck cab, it looks like the cab melted! Do the trucks really run that close to each other? I know the road is snow covered, but it appears that there, isn’t much of road surface to begin with. God bless all those who travel the Dalton. Kathy teresa

  2. I’ve heard references to three pipe trucks that were involved with this accident. Is that going to be discussed, or are we staying away from that since there’s no proof. (just asking) Also told that the Pilots for these pipe loads were Dropped @ Coldfoot, a practice ok’d by D.O.T at Conoco’s insistance.

    • judyinalaska says:

      Jack says that he’s staying away from details but he can tell you that you can drop one pilot car at Coldfoot during the winter months and it’s always been like that since he’s been around.

  3. drsmith1985 says:

    That’s terrible. I hope and pray that driver gets better.b

  4. Joyce Harris says:

    Is there an address to send well wishes to Jack McCahan and family?

  5. Dennis Stout says:

    I’m confused; Jack arrived on scene an hour after the accident to document the accident, but he was critically injured?

    Are there two Jacks, or did Jack get caught off guard somehow while investigating?

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