Jack’s new truck & Palo Duro Canyon

Jack bought a new pick up truck!  We picked it up in Amarillo, Texas and drove through Palo Duro Canyon State Park before heading on to New Mexico.  Click on the first one and scroll to the right if you are interested!


7 comments on “Jack’s new truck & Palo Duro Canyon

  1. Magnifiques photos…. quel beau pays que le votre.
    Beautiful pictures …. what a beautiful country that your.

  2. chasnlinda says:

    Congrats on your new truck. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Your fans, Charles and Linda Rogers Oroville, CA

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  3. Susan says:

    Jack & Judy, I love the vacation destinations you pick. Always off the beaten track, not to mention very interesting. Did you take the dogs with you on this trip, as well?? Hope you 2 had a blast, & a safe journey

  4. Judy,
    Thanks for sharing. You guys leave Alaska every summer. OMG what a road trip!

    • judyinalaska says:

      Hi Mary, actually we have never left Alaska for a long trip in the summer before. In the fall of 2012 we drove to the lower 48 for a 6 week trip. Our goal is to make it happen every 5 years. It has been a blast. 🙂

  5. Howard says:

    Nice Truck Jack, and nice pictures.

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