Tire fire & burned trailer

Here’s a few photos of a burned trailer Jack took some years ago.  He came across it north of Coldfoot.  He’s not sure how the tires caught fire, but somehow they did.  It could’ve been that the driver got a couple of flat tires and kept driving, or that the brakes locked up.  He suspects the brakes did not release for some reason.  There’s more explanation on the captions, click on the first one and scroll to the right to see them all.

5 comments on “Tire fire & burned trailer

  1. Christina Franklin says:

    Hi Judy, it’s always good to hear a little of life in Alaska , it makes me stop and think before I moan about the cold here in Scotland !! Hope you and Jack are well , kind regards , Tina.

  2. Love watching you on IRT. Gotta say would have been nice if you went out an offered the kid (Austin, Season 6) a Coke or hot chocolate or something when he was struggling out there loading that truck in Coldfoot, and it would have been nice if you said something like “I’m NOT gonna help you, because you have to learn this for yourself, but I’m here if you need me.” Anyway, I totally agree with your “tough love” Point Of View. He DOES have to make life or death decisions on his own. I think you are great, and handsome, and you are my absolute favorite dude!
    Keep the rubber side down.
    Valeri Kathleen Paxton-Steele

    • judyinalaska says:

      Jack says he actually did offer to help him but Austin said he had it handled. That didn’t make it into the show though. So when he was drinking coffee and watching him, he didn’t realize that Austin was kind of pissed about it. Some of it is for show, obviously, but it did come across kind of like “tough love”. And I agree, Jack is very handsome, and my favorite dude too. 🙂 Thanks for your comments and happy spring!

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