Before the road got really bad

You may already know that the Sag River has been overflowing the Dalton Highway about 20 miles from Prudhoe Bay.  The below video shows what the road looked like about 2 weeks ago.  Jack was riding into Prudhoe with someone else because his truck broke down.  The river runs along the Dalton for a very long ways on the east side of the road.

A lot more to come!


Sag River flows over the Dalton

The Sag River has been overflowing its banks this past month.  So much so that it has been giving the truckers and the State (of Alaska) a bit of a headache.  The photos below are from about 10 days ago and a lot more drama has happened since.  We’ll have updated photos for you in a couple of days.

The Sag River follows the Dalton Highway for quite a few miles during the last 100 miles of the road, when you’re nearing Prudhoe.  So when we say it

The Sag River and the Dalton Highway.

The Sag River runs along the Dalton Highway for about 100 miles.

is overflowing near the road it could be happening at many different spots, and it is doing just that.   According to Jack, overflows are normal but this river overflowing in this area is an unprecedented occurrence since he has not known for it to have ever happened before.  No one he’s talked to has either.  It’s not an uncommon thing for rivers to do though.

All the talk now is if the State will be able to handle the situation when actual break up occurs.  Temperatures are still well below zero pretty much all the time right now so we haven’t seen the worst of it.  The question is, what’s going to happen during break up when everything starts to really melt?

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