Rest in Peace Steve Hollibone

We are so sad for Steve’s wife Christy who he left behind when he died of cancer recently.  It is a huge fear for all of us and Steve had to face it.  He undoubtedly had other stresses when he was sick and we are sorry for that too.

Jack says Steve was a good driver and a good guy.  We would like to extend our sympathies to his wife and family.  Christy, hold on to your memories and know that you made his life worth living.

Galbraith Lake

Fundraiser for Steve Hollibone

Jack and I are so sorry to hear about Steve Hollibone’s cancer diagnosis.  He is a trucker that Jack knows and respects.  Sounds like he is in rough shape and daily life is a struggle.   You may remember a while back we posted about his wife Christy’s artwork.  You can see and purchase her artwork at Moments in Time Art.

If you are in Fairbanks please consider going to a fundraiser February 6th, here is the info:

Art For the Heart and Soul!
Opening Reception First Friday, February 6th, 5-8 pm
Phillips Studio & Bishop’s Jewelry Gallery
1222 Well St
Fairbanks 460-4198
Gallery open 11-8 pm on First Friday

And if you are not in Fairbanks, please consider making a donation to their medical fund.

Our best wishes to Steve and Christy.

Steve HolliboneSteve Hollibone