Rest in Peace Steve Hollibone

We are so sad for Steve’s wife Christy who he left behind when he died of cancer recently.  It is a huge fear for all of us and Steve had to face it.  He undoubtedly had other stresses when he was sick and we are sorry for that too.

Jack says Steve was a good driver and a good guy.  We would like to extend our sympathies to his wife and family.  Christy, hold on to your memories and know that you made his life worth living.

Galbraith Lake

4 comments on “Rest in Peace Steve Hollibone

  1. Susan says:

    Hi Jack, Judy, Please take comfort that Steve is at peace. See, back in Feb.. 2010, I was rushed to hospital, put in a medically induced coma, as I had a massive blood clot, also known as PE (Pulmonary Embolism). Only my PE was massive, from my right lung, all the way up the right side of my neck. Anyway, I died, and had to come back. It wasn’t my time. I just wish I could describe to Christy, or anyone, the beauty I’ve seen. I’ve been an avid reader, and college, but there are NO earthly words, to describe the Wonderful Beauty, Luminosity, Brilliant & Vivid colors of this place. And I’m still not doing it justice. So Please, anyone who has had pass away, take comfort, that they are indeed at peace, in this place of Wonderment.

  2. ian hollibone says:

    Hi guys just wondering did dad ever make mention of his kids in Australia because everything just seems to point to no cheers land and collin hollibone

    • judyinalaska says:

      Hi Ian and Collin, no we did not know that Steve had kids but I (Judy) never met Steve and Jack talked to him mostly about work stuff when he saw him around the yard and on the road. So we did not know much about his personal life. Sorry that we did not include you in our condolences. Our best wishes to you both, we are sorry for the loss of your father, it must be terrible. – Judy & Jack

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