On the Hook!

No, not us!!  This truck here:

A strange way to drive down the highway, with an 18-wheeler facing you.


This is the last bit of great scenery we saw in Alaska, before crossing into Canada.

The Tanana River.


More to come!


13 comments on “On the Hook!

  1. Kathy Bouse says:

    Very nice pictures. It is beautiful up there. At least your dog doesn’t ride on your lap between you and the steering wheel like mine “demands” to do.

    • kimcanada says:

      I know this is none of my business so forgive me please, but I had a friend whose dog was on his lap while he was driving, and he was involved in an accident and the air bag was deployed, and the dog was killed by the airbag.

      • Kathy Bouse says:

        We let the dog ride for about one minute in the front and then in the back seat she goes. I know better.

  2. Sharon Holdinghausen says:

    I guess even on vacation you cannot get away from the trucks. Congrats to Jack on winning the load count.

  3. Jill Harris says:

    Hope that truck moved over!!

  4. kimcanada says:

    Thanks for the update, and Welcome to Canada!!!!!!

  5. Chris Oliver says:

    Great pics, the state looks great at this time of year, enjoy your trip down south.

  6. Fabio... says:

    I loved the whole 6th season ……..

    Now this holiday season is also good, very 10 these pictures ..

    Big hug: Jack and Judy …….

  7. Jeff Beinecke says:

    I just saw you tonight at Petro at Kingdom City, Mo. You were getting coffee and thought it was you then I saw the license plates. Hope you all are enjoying your travels.

  8. Andréa says:

    Hey! So nice of you to share those pics. The wildlife and nature are amazing!!! “Salut” from Marseille, France :+) Xo Xo – Andréa

  9. Hi Jack. Pete Wylie aka Straight Arrow here.Ran the haul road from Jan 75 until 83. Still trucking, wife and I have a truck leased to LTI and run north out of Seattle. Really like your comments and photos. Brings back a lot of memories and some moments of nostalgia and again memories of a lot of the “original gang” that have passed on to the Big Road in the sky.(or maybe the big coal mine).Like to meet you some time up there for coffee.

  10. MountainMawMawWVa says:

    Howdy Y’all, thanks for sharing the pics. You two make a really cute couple and your dog is adorable,
    Hope me and PawPaw will get to see you Jack on season 9. You are our favorite, God speed to you and your lovely wife.

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