Congrats to Jack for winning the load count!

Well the season is over and Jack won the load count!

Jack says it was a hectic season.  We are now on a month long road trip, heading down to the states.  I plan on posting about our adventures when we get a chance.  For now, I want to brag about the AWESOME custom bed cover Jack made to keep our belongings safe while we are traveling.  It had to be custom because of his fuel tank (he hauls heating oil for our house) and toolbox that is already in the back. Here are a couple of photos of him building it and getting ready for our trip:

The end result:

It looks great and even makes the truck more aerodynamic!

We are all having a great time.

More to come!


19 comments on “Congrats to Jack for winning the load count!

  1. Matt Muecke says:

    Hey, congrats Jack! Have fun on vacation, and if you were to make it to MN, I have a 7 year old that would love to meet you. Of course myself too!

  2. Patti gillis says:

    enjoy your trip, the photos love them, be safe, looking forward to season 7 take care jack

  3. Beth Pranke says:

    Very cool!! Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip!

  4. Looks like some Carroll County ingenuity ..:)

  5. Y’all have a safe trip and a wonderful time.

  6. Michel;e says:

    If you stop in Arizona you could stay with me. Love to meet you and your family. Congrats to you!!

  7. Ron & Jenni Keane says:

    Safe travels and keep us up-to-date on trip. See if your truck can steer you guys to CA!!!

    Lots of love,
    Ron & Jenni

  8. Kathy Bouse says:

    Congrats to Jack. Have an awesome trip and hope you visit some cool places.

  9. Darius says:

    You live near a lake. Now I am envious. Congratulations and have a fantastic time.

  10. Chris Oliver says:

    Congtats for the win Jack, really pleased for you, you both have a cool trip down south. Can’t wait to see the photos.

  11. kimcanada says:

    Hi Jack
    Congratulations on the win! Have a great trip, and stay safe.
    (I love that you drive a Ford, I work for Ford)

  12. Julie says:

    Congrats Jack! Have a safe and great trip. Be safe!

  13. Ruth Jessee says:

    Thanks for the pic and blog. I saw the last show and Jack wearing the jacket he won. Congratulations !!!!I I can see so much of Grandad in Jack …having a problem and working out a solution. Are you planning to visit Va, and N.C. In your month of travels ????? Hope so. Bon voyage !!’. Take care .. Love… Memaw

    Sent from my iPad

  14. Fabio says:

    This place where you guys live, it’s pretty cool …

  15. Lorie Baker says:

    Was never any doubt in my mind who the load count champ was going to be…congrats Jack…have a safe trip and enjoy…you are the King of the Haul Road…hands down

  16. Donna says:

    Congrats on wining the load count! Love the pictures. Have a great and safe trip.

  17. Ron & Jenni Keane says:

    Never a doubt who the champ would be.
    Hope y’all find your way through northern Cali to see us.
    See you both soon either way
    Ron and Jenni

  18. Summer69 says:

    Congratulations to the TOP DOG
    was watching on tv, it is so funny to see office politics are the same all over the world….
    Enjoy your down time.

  19. Jim says:

    Congrats at winning the Load Count, and actually I love your personal truck the 4×4 it looks awesome

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