Fundraiser for Steve Hollibone

Jack and I are so sorry to hear about Steve Hollibone’s cancer diagnosis.  He is a trucker that Jack knows and respects.  Sounds like he is in rough shape and daily life is a struggle.   You may remember a while back we posted about his wife Christy’s artwork.  You can see and purchase her artwork at Moments in Time Art.

If you are in Fairbanks please consider going to a fundraiser February 6th, here is the info:

Art For the Heart and Soul!
Opening Reception First Friday, February 6th, 5-8 pm
Phillips Studio & Bishop’s Jewelry Gallery
1222 Well St
Fairbanks 460-4198
Gallery open 11-8 pm on First Friday

And if you are not in Fairbanks, please consider making a donation to their medical fund.

Our best wishes to Steve and Christy.

Steve HolliboneSteve Hollibone


One comment on “Fundraiser for Steve Hollibone

  1. drsmith1985 says:

    Sorry to hear about your friend. I pray he recovers fully and that he and his family are blessed and provided for.

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