Truck in the ditch

More snow in the engine, but this time it’s from someone going in the ditch!  It seems to happen to everyone eventually and it’s better to land in the cushy snow instead of just about anywhere else.  After it got pulled out they cleaned the snow off and drove it away!

(Identifying marks have been removed for privacy.)

7 comments on “Truck in the ditch

  1. Gilles says:

    Hammer down

  2. Is the driver okay?

  3. I watch HIGHWAY TO HELL on weather channel. It is about tow companies that work clearing the two lane highways in British Columbia.
    Jim Davis Towing has a tow truck (called ROTATOR) that can lift a 18 wheel truck and trailer in one lift back on the highway. An amazing number of trucks go off the highway
    makes me realize what a dangerous job Jack does for a living.

  4. It is the Coquihalla Highway (‘one of the most dangerous roads including the Dalton Highway in Alaska)

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