Driving into Fairbanks at night

Here’s a new video of Jack driving into Fairbanks the other night, sped up so it’s not too tedious.  It’s pretty late so not much is going on.  Some trucks cleaning up the Steese Highway, that’s about it.  It’s in HD so don’t let YouTube show you a poor quality video, if you have decent internet.  And it does have some music on it so you may want to reduce the volume if you are sensitive to that.  When you add music through YouTube, you can’t determine the volume, so it’s loud.

2 comments on “Driving into Fairbanks at night

  1. jinnysue says:

    Hey Judy, after watching all those winter ice trucking videos I can’t imagine how you sleep at night when Jack is behind the wheel. I guess it’s as creepy to me as Minnesota winter’s ate to my Relatives on both coasts. And that single path through the avalanche…yuk. Finally, no thanks for speeding up the night in to Fairbanks… I’m too old to watch that stuff. Lol. Hi to Jack. Brought KC and Ken some meatloaf this evening. The carry out eaters. Cheech. I love cooking. Good thing for them. Nice to see Julie. Love Jinny

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    • judyinalaska says:

      Thanks for providing them some sustenance every now and then! KC said he was cooking spaghetti tonight so it sounds like he is trying harder to be creative in the kitchen lately.

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