Typical day in Jack’s life, but to music

This is an amalgamation of video clips from the Dalton Highway between the Brooks Range and Prudhoe Bay.  You’ll see the Trans-Alaska pipeline and a glimpse of Pump 2.  It’s not in perfect order, as road aficionados and time clock watchers will notice.  I’m new to video editing and sometimes you just have to accept a less than perfect product, to Jack’s chagrin.

3 comments on “Typical day in Jack’s life, but to music

  1. pendantry says:

    What software do you use to crop and stitch your video clips together? I use VLC (open source, free) to watch videos because it also allows me to crop videos (albeit imprecisely), but I’d like to have something to play with that can stitch clips together like you’ve done here.

    • judyinalaska says:

      I use Windows Movie Maker, stitching and cropping is really easy in it. I think I tried VLC but when I wanted to do something important it said I needed the full program and had to pay money. I don’t remember what the issue was. Before that, I used YouTube video editor and was so bummed when they discontinued that.

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