Northern lights & Davidson Ditch

Here are more photos of our late summer camping trip up the Steese Highway.  Chilly, but hardly a cloud in the sky…

You’ll see Davidson Ditch, a water pipe built in 1920s, that runs 90 miles along the Steese Highway.  It used to bring  about 180,000 gallons of water per day to the gold dredges in Fox, Alaska from the Chatanika River.

(Click on the first one and scroll to the right.)

8 comments on “Northern lights & Davidson Ditch

  1. Debbie Suddeth says:

    Great pics Jack. Thanks for sharing!

  2. audrey258 says:

    Love the northern lights photos!

  3. chasnlinda says:

    Thank you both so much for sharing. We really enjoy seeing the pictures. Since it is not likely that we will make it there, it is a treat to see it via your pictures by way of your sharing. Thank You, Fans ofJack, Charles and Linda Rogers Oroville, CA

    > The Best Friendships are built on a > Solid Foundation of. Silliness, Shenanigans and General Misbehaviour > >


  4. Floriane (from France) says:

    Such beautiful photos. The northern lights are so impressive,
    Thanks a lot for sharing

  5. Great photos i have only just noticed this blog and i love the fact that you share so many photos of Alaska. I got invited for 3 trips on the dalton highway by lisa kelly but sadly don’t have the money to go there. So seeing these photos really help seeing what i can’t see in real life.

  6. Nicholas says:

    Jack I’m a veteran and new CDL holder been over road for 3 months but I want the chance to do what you do. What can I do to achieve this and if you have your own trucks or fleet please take me under your wing

    • judyinalaska says:

      Jack doesn’t own his own truck or company so can’t make any of those decisions, and he doesn’t think Carlile is hiring, but if you were able to manage to get hired by Carlile he would do his best to help you out. Good luck Nicholas.

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