Jack’s first grayling

You’d think that someone would start small and work up to a 75 pound salmon but Jack does it the opposite way.  When coming to Alaska years ago he caught the huge salmon first and then is working down and crossing the small fish off his list as he goes.

This summer he got his first Arctic Grayling.  Six to be exact.  We kept the first few and cooked them for dinner, but they were a bit mushy and muddy tasting, at least compared to the beautiful trout we’ve been getting.  From now on we’ll catch and release grayling.

Arctic Grayling are actually endangered in the lower 48.  In Alaska though they are quite abundant.

Here are some photos from our late summer Steese Highway camping trip and Jack’s first grayling.  Click on the first one and scroll to the right for the best viewing.  Hope you all had a great summer.



4 comments on “Jack’s first grayling

  1. doublem.weeding says:

    Hi Guys, My 7 year old son Glenn absolutely loves your blog we live in Tasmania Australia , he is the biggest Jack fan and thinks that Jack personally just sends the blogs to him, he loves Ice Road Truckers just to watch Jack. Keep sending them and congratulations on your sincerity and success of the show. Kind Regards, Merinda and #1 fan Glenn

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  2. Looks like a terrific outing, Judy. Our favorite method for cooking grayling is to remove the entrails and gills, cut a few oblique slashes along each side, liberally salt them with sea salt, and then grill them over charcoal until the skin is golden brown and crisp. (This is also our favorite method for small trout and char.) Cool post.

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