What’s wrong with this picture?

How did this fuel truck get so far off the road?  Jack didn’t ask, he just pulled him back onto it.

(Logo was removed from side of tank.) Click to enlarge.

Fuel truck off the road

3 comments on “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. chasnlinda says:

    Thanks for sharing Jack. You are always willing to help a fellow trucker. Sincerely, Fans, Charles and Linda Rogers Oroville, CA

  2. kathy_teresa@msn.com says:

    Just how long IS that tanker?? That is just amazing

  3. kathy_teresa ROWLAND says:

    Recent pictures from HIGHWAY THRU HELL one truck driving on icy Hwy 5 BC couldn’t stop and split this trailer in half spilling cases of wine across the road… Everyone walked away…hatever they pay you guys and gals, isn’t enough.

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