Jack with his new truck!

Jack with his new truck




12 comments on “Jack with his new truck!

  1. Alex Graulau says:

    The best trucker with the world best KW 900

  2. George says:

    Nice! Glad to see you get a W9.

  3. Glad To See Carlile Finally Gave You A W900 Jack

  4. Chris Oliver says:

    Glad you finally got a W900. Does it feel different to drive, compared to the T800?

  5. Ruth Jessee says:

    Thanks. .. Two beauties.. Jack comes first with me .. Memaw

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  6. Gunar Groß says:

    Congratulations on new truck Jack! I wish you a lot of miles without problems with it. Everytime the wheels between the lines. Keep on trucking

  7. Sharon Holdinghausen says:

    Very nice!

  8. Hey Judy! Thanks for having this page available to us Jack fans that don’t get to see him on ITR this season. Will he be coming back next time round? Also is it possible to get a signed copy of this pic from Jack? I would greatly appreciate it.

  9. Ron says:

    Glad to see Jack has a w900 now! He deserves a great truck cause he is a great driver!

  10. Jason O'Neil says:

    Hi Judy
    My partner Natasha and I have just finished watching season 6 of ‘Ice Road Truckers’ on DVD, and it was amazing the ordeals that Jack underwent and came out on top of, and the generosity that he showed towards Darrel by readying his load at the final run was cool. We both think he is a sound person: )

  11. judyinalaska says:

    Thanks Jason & Natasha, I will pass that on to Jack. 🙂

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