Lady Moose Wanders Through

A lady moose visited us the other day, wandering through on her search for bigger and better twigs to nibble.  How an animal that size can sustain a pregnancy nibbling twigs, I have no idea.  But you can see that she is big in the belly and really is on a search for the best most tender nutritious twigs.  She makes her rounds daily I suspect, if our dog’s fear of going outside lately is any indication.

Moose and dogs are natural enemies since dog’s ancestors, wolves, are predators of moose.  You would never see our dog trying to take down a moose though (lol).  Somehow over the centuries the barking mechanism has taken over for the “try-to-eat” mechanism I guess.  You can find examples of the moose-dog feud on You Tube.

Pregnant Moose - Fairbanks, Alaska

Female moose with calves can be quite aggressive and believe it or not, violent.  There have been quite a few moose tramplings in Alaska over the years, mostly in Anchorage.  At least one man was killed by a moose protecting her calf in 1995.

So, this one doesn’t have a calf but it’s likely that her hormones have kicked in and she would probably not back down from a challenge.  I stayed up on the deck totally out of her reach.  When a person jogged by with their dog she was very attentive.

Alert Moose

As they ran by, she didn’t take her eyes off of them until they were out of sight.  And her ears were locked straight forward.  I’ve never seen a moose so obviously aware of every movement in its surroundings.

She might be tough, but look at those beautiful eyelashes!

Lady Moose

Lady Moose

Nice beard, too!  🙂


9 comments on “Lady Moose Wanders Through

  1. Susan Annand says:

    Hi Jack & Judy, Don’t suppose you heard about the moose, that went grocery shopping in British Columbia Canada?? It was coaxed out of the grocery store by an employee with an orange.

  2. Sharon Holdinghausen says:

    Great pictures! It must be so wonderful to stand on your deck and see that standing in your yard.

  3. Chris Oliver says:

    Wow there some great shots, was she close to you, when these photos were taken?. Must be awesome, being that close to the wildlife.

    • judyinalaska says:

      I was about 20 or 30 feet away, up above her a little bit, on our deck. She didn’t seem to mind me clicking away at her but then again she didn’t stick around very long either.

  4. Landabur says:

    Excellent photo, Chile is not very common to see wild animals, must be very great.
    From Talca, Chile, we also see the truckers on ice program. Greetings to you and Jack. By the way, in Punta Arenas (Chile), also use the same system in trucks (to cool).
    Sorry for my English, I am using a translator.

    I repeat greetings for you and Jack.

  5. Rejane says:

    hi, my name is Rejane. I live in Rio de Janeiro. My dad is truck driver and we likes the program. i sorry but learn english now. kisses

    • judyinalaska says:

      Very nice English Rejane. 🙂 I hear Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful place, I bet driving is a great experience there. Thanks for looking at the blog. – Judy & Jack

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