Seize the Day

I’m happy to report that Jack has decided to take a little time off!  Always being on the road, he feels like life has been passing him by in the endless search for the next “load”.  Alaska has too many awesome things to offer to always be seeing it out the truck window instead of experiencing it himself.  Maybe a couple of road trips are in our future!

Jack says howdy to all his fans!  Thanks for staying tuned.  And don’t worry, Jack isn’t planning on quitting trucking or Carlile either.  He just needs to have a little fun again!

May 2007, Chena Hot Springs Road


4 comments on “Seize the Day

  1. Ruth Jessee says:

    Sent from my iPad All work and no play would make Jack a dull boy ….. RPJ

  2. Fabio Souza says:

    Hi Judy Jessee….

    That’s right Jack! Stop smoking it, and continue as a truck driver you do it very well ….

  3. Mother says:

    Take the road less taken!!!!! That will make all the difference!

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