A Little Behind the Scenes

Right now Jack is back on the Dalton hauling “hot oil”, an oil that is needed at the asphalt plant in Deadhorse for repaving the airport runway.  We’ll try to get some photos of that soon, but here are a few from seasons past:

This is Jack in his truck back in March of 2010 when he was filming for Season 4:

And here he is driving his pick-up truck in April of 2009 when the snow was melting, filming for Season 3 (though I don’t think they ever used the footage):

Hope you’re all enjoying the show!


6 comments on “A Little Behind the Scenes

  1. Janet says:

    Oh, so he didn’t actually have a cameraman riding with him???

    • judyinalaska says:

      Yes, he did have cameramen riding with him – pretty much all the time – but the mounted camera always had a view of him driving. That freed the cameraman up to get specific shots, like of Jack’s hand shifting gears or his foot on the petal. As long as the mounted camera was going, they would never miss anything.

  2. Fabio souza says:

    Very ten, these pictures … Jack Jessee..

  3. Lois Spruill says:

    I knew you couldn’t really be from AK… then you mentioned your mother’s pecan pie… googled to see where you were from… this southerner enjoys the show! Glad you returned to finish the season!

  4. Chris Oliver says:

    The camera is a decent size, I guess the camera isn’t blocking Jacks view of the right side of the truck.

  5. Katie says:

    Oh, great :-)! I always wanted to know where all these cameras were situated.

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