Highwayman & Big River

Jack and I wonder if this song is the best song in the universe.  You just can’t help but like it no matter what kind of music you’re into.




Jack & the band Heart at a Special Olympics Fundraiser

Jack went up on the stage for a photo-op just to prove later that it really was the band Heart at “The World’s Largest Convoy”, a fundraiser for the Special Olympics in Seattle, Washington in September 2009 (see last post for more on this topic).

Jack and a local radio guy introduce the day’s festivities.

Jack signs “Ice Road Trucker” T-shirts and photos.

The band is rockin’out so hard Jack can’t hear this little guy!

Jack signs a poster someone brought to the fundraiser.

Thanks to Carlile Transportation for taking these great photos and sharing them with us.  What a worthy cause!


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