Jack & the band Heart at a Special Olympics Fundraiser

Jack went up on the stage for a photo-op just to prove later that it really was the band Heart at “The World’s Largest Convoy”, a fundraiser for the Special Olympics in Seattle, Washington in September 2009 (see last post for more on this topic).

Jack and a local radio guy introduce the day’s festivities.

Jack signs “Ice Road Trucker” T-shirts and photos.

The band is rockin’out so hard Jack can’t hear this little guy!

Jack signs a poster someone brought to the fundraiser.

Thanks to Carlile Transportation for taking these great photos and sharing them with us.  What a worthy cause!


Click on the below image to make it full size:


World’s Largest Convoy 2009 – Special Olympics Fundraiser

In September of 2009 Jack took part in a fundraiser for the Special Olympics in Seattle, Washington.  Over 250 trucks lined up and drove through part of the city to create the “World’s Largest Convoy 2009”.

Jack signs photos and talks to his fans.

And he catches a photo with the Special Olympians.

In the next post there will be more photos from this fundraiser.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!