Purposeful avalanches on Atigun Pass

About a week ago the State of Alaska triggered some avalanches on Atigun Pass and then cleared a path through for the trucks.  The first video is a short one taken right after the loader and blower were done and the second one is longer and that’s when Jack was heading back the other direction, toward Prudhoe Bay.  Thanks to the State for being proactive in keeping our truckers safe!




2 comments on “Purposeful avalanches on Atigun Pass

  1. Mr K Mclaughlin says:

    Cheers folks for yet another great couple of Videos, difficult to comprehend just how much snow you guys have to handle.
    Over here in the UK a few inches and the country comes to a virtual standstill.
    Thanks again folks, keep them coming.

  2. chasnlinda says:

    Thank you for sharing. Always love to see what Jack is up to doing. Fans, Charles and Linda Rogers Oroville, CA. 95965

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