The Dalton has turned into a river!

The Sag River has turned the Dalton into one of it’s branches.  This video was taken on the first day of April.  Road conditions have been getting steadily worse.  The road is currently closed because blowing snow is reducing visibility and they can’t see to clear the road.

More to come.

2 comments on “The Dalton has turned into a river!

  1. kathy_teresa ROWLAND says:

    That is scary: How can you tell how depth of the water? Where would you stop if you had mechanical problems? Blessings Kathyteresa

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  2. judyinalaska says:

    The land is very flat and even, and Jack knows where the river is in regards to the road, so it can never be very deep. And if there were mechanical problems you’d probably just wait until the State got there to drag you out. There is definitely a risk.

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