Dirty Truck!

Hello again, sorry it’s been so long since we’ve posted.  Life has been hectic.  You would think that it would slow down a bit if you aren’t working, but that just means more things need to get done…!

Since Jack is taking some time off (he still works for Carlile) he had to clean out 2019 so it can be used by other drivers while he’s gone.

While I was helping him remove his stuff, I noticed that there was a lot of dirt on this truck and I felt the need to document this. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this gallery of dirty truck photos:

Thanks for looking and have a great Labor Day!


14 comments on “Dirty Truck!

  1. Ruth Jessee says:

    Glad to get the Blog . It must have been quite a job getting the truck clean. Would love to see an “after” pic. Memaw

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    • judyinalaska says:

      I wish we had an “after” pic but he drove the truck back to Carlile the way it was. The shop normally washes the trucks, though we really don’t know if 2019 has been washed by now. I’ll try to get one tho. Thanks for keeping up with the blog Memaw!

  2. Kathy Teresa Rowland says:

    plese picture of cleac 2019 and jack after the cleaning finished you are a great photographer

  3. Darius Lander says:

    Thanks. It makes me feel better about not washing my vehicle (grin). Now I am waiting for left-over rain from Isaac to do the job for me.

  4. Jill Harris says:

    That is a dirty truck!

  5. George Mazur says:

    crazy: D Dalton to ride year round

  6. lisa1865 says:

    I from Kansas and if it ever rains my Honda Element looks like that pretty dirty.

  7. Chris Oliver says:

    So C-2019 isn’t Jack’s private truck, I thought it was. The trucks look great when they’re clean.

  8. I am very glad to have found a real blog from Jack Jessee and his family. I have a quick question. What are the approximate specs on Jack’s truck? How much horsepower, what is the GWVR, how many speeds are in the tranny, does it have diff locks, and what is the wheelbase? This is something they never cover on IRT, but it is very important to the functioning of the truck.

    Also, could you somehow get Jack a GoPro and film when he is on the road to Valdez. I really wish History would film in that area because it is so beautiful. Anyway, I have subscribed, and am eagerly awaiting more news from one of my favorite reality TV stars ever.

    • judyinalaska says:

      Hi Josh – so glad you found our blog. Jack says that the truck has a 600 HP Cummings with an 18 speed Eaton. The gross vehicle weight is 58,000 and yes it has double lockers. The wheelbase is 300″ but they also have longer and shorter trucks, and ones with smaller motors…and ones with less gears, smaller trannies etc etc… The GoPro idea is a good one and Jack says he’ll think about it. Right now he’s taking a break from the Dalton – will be back there soon. Keep in touch!

    • Jill Harris says:

      That wasn’t a quick question! it was lots of questions 🙂

  9. John Novasky says:

    I’ve seen this long before coming to Alaska.
    If you ever do this is 🙂 best IRT moment “Lisa, trade me for my tanker?” She said, Hell no. Never trade my load for a tanker 🙂

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