Hauling Pipe from Valdez to Salcha

This month Jack has been hauling huge pipe sections to Salcha, a small community about 35 miles from Fairbanks.  The State of Alaska is building a railroad bridge across the Tanana River in Salcha and these pieces are probably going to be standing supports with concrete poured inside.  Each driver manages to haul two sections a day, you can see them loaded here.  In back of the trucks and in front of the shipping containers there are stacks of more pipe that need to be hauled to Salcha, so Jack won’t be off this project for a while to come.  Yes, work means a paycheck, but ending up with one a a half days off a week is hard when you’ve got a home you want to take care of, and knowing there are only 3 months of summer in Fairbanks.

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5 comments on “Hauling Pipe from Valdez to Salcha

  1. colin says:

    Hello my friend ..Its really good that you are interacting with your fans …I like

  2. Bobbie says:

    My husband is going between Valdez and Salcha, too. (Bain) He is staying out two weeks at a time and doing his restarts in Fairbanks. I know what you mean about never having enough time at home…some days I hate his job, lol.

    • judyinalaska says:

      Hi Bobbie – I hope this Valdez thing is over soon. Two weeks off is a long time considering he won’t get any extra days off when he’s finally back home. I feel the same way as you and I could say a lot more but this is public haha… Thanks for checking out the blog 🙂 – Judy

  3. Martin Brosseau says:

    Hello ,Miss Judy, my question is for Mr. Jesse: I was woundering why you guys are carrying these pipes on doubles or “A-Trains”(as some peoples here in Canada calls these) instead of “B-Trains” in Alaska. I sure do call these “A-Trains” here in the province of Québec. We even have them on double 53′ footers back to back legal. I just completed my cdl last june and I just got my diploma on christmas eve !! Nice gift !! And by the way, nice photos and nice blog.

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