Deadwood, South Dakota

Jack and I recommend a visit to Deadwood, South Dakota.  Especially if the sun is shining!

This statue is of Wild Bill Hickok, the most famous Old West character associated with Deadwood.

If we remember correctly from reading about the history of Deadwood, this creek at one time flooded the town and is now specially engineered to flow through and under the town.

This is Adams Museum, a beautiful building with 3 levels packed full of interesting items from Deadwood’s past.  Here are some highlights:

And here is another striking statue, this one of a Cowboy on a bucking horse.


The signs on the main street of Deadwood are really fabulous!

We wish we could have spent time in each of these places.  But we have to say that the Deadwood Social Club Restaurant is terrific…they make their own blue cheese dressing and it is more than worth the walk up those stairs!

We happened upon a darn fine Wild Bill impersonator.

And then ran into a fan of Jack’s, Ed, running the parking garage.

Thanks Deadwood for showing us such a fun time!


11 comments on “Deadwood, South Dakota

  1. rosemegan321 says:

    Great pictures, keep them coming.

    Mike Pustaver

  2. Ruth Jessee says:

    An interesting blog .. Thanks …. Hope all is well … Love you … Memaw

    Sent from my iPad

  3. I really like this blog. Great work.

  4. Michele says:

    Enjoy reading all the posts about your trip!

  5. Sharon Holdinghausen says:

    Great pictures! Love seeing pictures of your trip.

  6. Kathy Bouse says:

    I have actually been there but only seen the statue of Wild Bill. Enjoyed the other pics and wished I could have seen those things too.

  7. Chris Oliver says:

    Deadwood is a great town to visit, went there when I went on holiday to Colorado. That first picture, thats how it looked when I went there.

  8. Francine Birklid says:

    All of your adventures are so amazing!! Thank you for sharing all the fantastic places people and scenery you are experiencing Judy. Say hello to Jack and pat Sport. Enjoy the time you have and take it all in Judy…

    Safe Travels!! ~ Francine

  9. Mandy says:

    If you are into running there is a beautiful half and full marathon there in the summer! One of the best I’ve run 🙂

  10. Darius says:

    How was your journey home?

  11. Fabio says:

    Ele é um cara legal…………

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