Sign Post Forest & Fans

One of the best places to stop along The Alaska Highway (aka “The Alcan”) is The Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada.  Even back in the 70s it was a sight to behold but now it’s almost too much to take in:  thousands upon thousands of license plates, signposts and pieces of metal or wood with the names of hometowns showing how far people have traveled to get there.

There was also some old heavy machinery that was used to build the Alcan.

That’s one big wrench!

And these are some fans we happened upon.

People are still adding to the Sign Post Forest.  Hope you can make your way there someday and leave your own signpost.  🙂


7 comments on “Sign Post Forest & Fans

  1. Matt Muecke says:

    That is awesome!

  2. Chris Oliver says:

    That is really cool looking place, I’m gonna definatly gonna have to put some time aside to visit that place, when go to AK. It looks like a place worth going to. Them machines are pretty cool to.

  3. Ruth Jessee says:

    Seeing is believing !!!!!!!! Thanks ….. RPJ

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Kathy Bouse says:

    That place looks totally awesome.

  5. Imagine our suprise to see our favorite Ice Road Trucker and his lovely wife, while visiting the Signpost Forest. We are still talking about this highlight of our wonderful trip through the Yukon, Alaska and Alberta! We are again surprised, and honored, that our photo is in your blog!! Wishing you safe travels on your journey home.

  6. Just have to add this, too….We got so excited at seeing Jack and Judy (Sport, too) that we never made it over to see this heavy equipment. Thanks for posting, Judy, so we could see all these. But, it was worth missing all that to meet and talk with them!

  7. rosemegan321 says:

    Enjoying the pictures. Please keep them coming.

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