Elk – Yukon Territory, Canada

Hope you guys like wildlife photos!

This male elk was protecting his harem, watching as we pulled up and snapped photos.

A female was about 15 feet away; she walked up to the edge as if checking in with him to see if it was okay to stay there and graze:

The rest of the harem grazed nearby and stayed pretty calm while we eavesdropped.    The light was poor so these photos needed touching up but we definitely checked “ELK” off our list! 🙂


6 comments on “Elk – Yukon Territory, Canada

  1. Ruth Jessee says:

    Thanks …. A family I would never have seen. I love wildlife and appreciate you sharing with pic. I am looking forward to the next ones. Take care.. Memaw

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  2. Chris Oliver says:

    Great pic, like not just seeing the wildlife, but sitting quite and watching. Can’t wait to see the next lot you’ve got.

  3. Kati Falk says:

    We went all the way through Canada and all we saw was some buffalo and a fox. You guys must be charmed. Kati

  4. Jill Harris says:

    It’s like all the wildlife are waiting for you to come along and take their photos. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Darius says:

    Lovely color. I like how the strong green background shows the strength of the male while the females are highlighted by the grass.

  6. Sharon Holdinghausen says:

    Great pictures! I also loved the pictures of the grizzly bear. Can’t wait to see what else you find on your trip.

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