Satellite image of Alaska – smoke and clouds

Here’s a satellite image of Alaska from several days ago, June 22nd.  The clouds are white and fluffy; the gray underneath them is smoke from wildfires.  You can actually download a large image on the NASA website and zoom way in.  It’s amazing really, how beautiful Alaska is, regardless of what hell it’s putting us through.  Here’s the link:

Satellite image of Alaska 6-22-15

Here’s what a wildfire looks like from an airplane. Fascinating.  Thanks for the photo Joe Kemp.

Smoke from a wildfire, photo from Joe Kemp


Sudden increase in wildfires

The image on the right shows how many fires there were in interior Alaska as of about 6 days ago.  The one the left shows how many there are now.   The reason?  Lightning strikes.  At least one fire has destroyed homes and the smoke is creating a major health hazard.

Wildfires in Alaska as of June 25 2015

Wildfires in Alaska as of June 19 2015