Jack’s Freightliner

Jack is driving a new truck, a Freightliner.  He’s discussed this a little in the comments section of the About page.  Jesse Aird asked:  “Why the Freightliner? Hard to beat a W9.”  Jack answered:

“Well, my bosses asked me if I wanted to try it out and I know a lot of owner operators have them up here and like them, so I did. Turns out the engine is great (DD16), there’s lots of room in the cab, and I don’t feel exhausted at the end of several trips in a row, maybe because of the comfortable seat. The truck rides better. I don’t care what brand it is as long as it’s comfortable and reliable.”

He added to Pete Wylie aka Straight Arrow:  “There is something about the Freightliner that makes a better ride. It takes bumps better.”

So there you have it, why Jack is driving a Freightliner.

Happy New Year!

14 comments on “Jack’s Freightliner

  1. Rachael says:

    Hope this year is a great one for you and your family Jack. Thanks for sharing pictures of the truck, I am happy that you have it, stay safe.

  2. Bill Howard says:

    Good looking truck Jack.

  3. Katie says:

    I hope it’s technically as good as it’s nice. Cause it’s really beautiful. In Europe people need 4 trucks glued together to create something like this.
    Happy New Year, safe roads and comfortable driving in this new “little thing” 🙂

  4. jinnysue says:

    Nice that Jack has such a beautiful new truck. love Jinny

  5. GP Cox says:

    Looking good! Happy New Year!

  6. there ya’ go Jack. I have been a freightliner fan for a long time. The Classics and the Coronados are great trucks. Good ride and well made. I actually delivered them out of the factory for 8 yrs after I left Alaska.My last one burned up on the way north to pick up a moose bumper in Fbx and because I had to get a truck asap I settled for a Western Star which are made in the Freightliner factory in Portland. Tell you what, this Star has absolutely the best ride I have ever been in and it is an ’07 with 700k on it and not a rattle anywhere. If I had to buy a new truck it would be a Star or a Coronado, both built by Frtlnr, but at 75n yrs of age I think this will be my last hurrah.Keep ‘er between the ditches Jack and keep up the good work Pete aka Straight Arrow

  7. JackFanFIN says:

    Ah, i still believe Jack is Kenworth guy! Kenworth fits on Jack like glove on hand! 🙂 ps. This blog is awesome, keep it coming!

  8. Tina says:

    Great to see the truck , stay safe on the roads Jack

  9. Jonathan says:

    Do U have any more pics of jacks truck the back and inside and mybe one with Carlile decals on the doors ?😊

  10. Patrick A says:

    what model is it?

  11. Lee Bengough says:

    You still driving this truck Jack?

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